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April 1, 2017


  • Please complete “Intent to Return” forms (In Red folders) so we know if we have any lottery spots available for next year. Thanks!
  • Only 4 School Play DVDs are available in the office. Get yours today!
  • School Year 2017–18 We are happy to report that all of our classroom teachers intend to return for the next school year, teaching at their current grade levels!
  • Please help us avoid “Alternative Facts.” Please do not participate in or spread parking lot rumors. Call the front office for clarification of school policies, etc.
  • Expressions Musical Theater Summer Camp: Registration for camp will begin in April. Look for flyer with all the details. Camp weeks run June 12 through June 30. Campers can come for single weeks or all 3 weeks!
  • Please note: It is our school policy to only promote Expressions summer camps or extra-curricular activities since we have no way of knowing the safety factors and staff background of other camps or clubs. We do allow others to post flyers, but just know that we have no way of vetting these offerings. We invite anyone to post flyers, but please don’t use our email lists to send information.
  • PLEASE COMPLETE YOUR REQUIRED VOLUNTEER HOURS. We count on parents to help make our school the best it can be AND your child will be so proud of you! Parent Yard Work Day Coming Soon! Look for PTO announcements.
  • Scholastic Bookfair $ at work!!! We saved the proceeds from the last 2 book fairs to purchase a Smartboard for the kindergarten class. (All classes now have them!) Thanks for your support1
  • FSA testing April 19th through May 12th on various days for different classes. Look for notes from your classroom teachers. The next test session will be April 19 through the 27th grades 4 and 5 on different days.
  • Make up for Storm Days: We will be having a regular school day (not a Teacher Work Day as listed in original calendar) on March 31st. That day will be a Physical Fitness Field Day, so please dress accordingly with closed toe shoes.
  • Additional hurricane make up day will be a half day on Monday, June 5th.
  • Please observe our parking lot rules for student safety. Don’t park along the fence line If you leave your car, even for “just a few seconds” please park in the Dragon lot.
  • Class Play Dates: On Thursdays. Morning school shows for parents who need to “tag team” so they don’t need to bring babies or toddlers. All night shows 6 PM, with “Call” time for actors at 5 PM.

May 4th: 1st grade

May 11th: Kindergarten and 3rd grades

May 18th: 2nd and 4th grades

May 25th: 5th grade