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Board Minutes 03/26/2019

Note: This meeting also serves as SACS meeting.

Attendance: P. Vermont, A. Newman, N. Drake, J. Dame, J. DiGiovanni, C. Valantis

Minutes: Approved Minutes from Previous Meeting Dated: 12/18/18

Motion: Vermont Second: Newman Approved 4/0

Financial Report/Budget:

  1. Presentation of Monthly Budget to Actual reports.
  2. Vote: Revised Budget to reflect revised SBAC projections based on most current SBAC revenue sheet
    Motion: Vermont Second: Newman Approved 4/0
  3. Distribution of Best and Brightest funds to qualifying employees on April 1, 2019

School Business:

  1. March Lottery and Enrollment selected by P. Vermont
  2. Looking to seek out Business Partners and Donors
  3. Positive PR for Charter Schools
  4. Safe Schools Update

Board Member Changes: none

Policies and Procedures Changes: none

Committee Reports:

  • Hiring Committee: Letter of Intent to Return for 2019-202 school year to be distributed 03/27/201
  • Fundraising: April 26, 2019 Latin Dance Night at Abuelas

Public Input Time

Next Annual Board of Directors Meeting will be held in June 2019