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Board Minutes 5/25/2018

Note: This meeting also serves as SACS meeting.

Kaplan, Drake, Vermont


            Read/Approve Minutes from Previous Meeting Dated: 3/15/18

Motion: Vermont   Second: Drake   Approved (3/0)

Financial Report/Budget: Presentation of Monthly Budget to Actual reports.

  1. Need approval for Budget Revision 2017-18

Approve to reflect actual.

Motion: Drake   Second: Vermont   Approved (3/0)


  1. Authorize Juniper DiGiovanni the authorization to acquire equipment, personnel and services towards compliance with the Safe School Legislation (Chapter 2018-003, Laws of Florida). Reserve funds may be used, if needed. Projected 18-19 Safe School Allocation (UFTE share) is $5579 based of Revenue Estimate Worksheet 18/19 1st calculation (worksheet distributed by ACPS 5-10-18)

    Presentation of Safe School Legislation Laws and timelines (DiGiovanni)

    Motion: Vermont   Second: Kaplan Approved (3/0)
  2. Need Approval for additional $1,592.24 compensation for L. Zukas for teaching an extra hour class (3rd grade math) 2 days a week for the 36 weeks of the 2017-18 school year at her regular pay rate.
    Motion: Vermont   Second: Drake   Approved (3/0)

School Business:

  1. May Enrollment Lottery waiting list order (Vermont)
  2. Board member training: refresher course
  3. Community Mural Update
  4. Safety Specialists discussion: Vermont attending to Safety Specialist certification training for Union County
    Will report back and disseminate information

Board Member Changes: Presentation of potential Board of Directors member John Dame (DiGiovanni)

Vote to approve John Dame as Expressions Learning Arts Academy Board of Director community member

Motion: Vermont   Second: Kaplan   Approved (3/0)

Policies and Procedures Changes: none

Committee Reports:

Fundraising: Upcoming Trivia Night at Abuelas

Public Input Time

Next Annual Meeting will be held in June 2018