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Board Minutes 9/25/2017

Note: This meeting also serves as SACS meeting

Approved Minutes from Previous Meeting Dated: 6/13/17
      Moved Kaplan/Second Vermont 4/0

Financial Report/Budget: Presentation of Monthly Budget to Actual reports.

  1. Presentation of Monthly Budget to Actual amounts
  2. Approved amended budget to reflect revised SBAC projections based on most current SBAC revenue sheet
    Moved Vermont/Second Kaplan Approved 4/0

School Business:

  1. Approved change in school schedule due to days off for Hurricane Irma
    Moved Newman/second Drake Approved 4/0
    Expressions will keep the same make-up days as Alachua County Public Schools (Dec 18th and 19th, Jan 2nd and April 2nd).
  1. Present 2017 preliminary audit findings:
    • 2016–17 Budget not on website (remedied before audit completion)
    • Auditor suggested asking GRU for deposit back since we are long-time customers in good standing. Expressions was refunded $1000).
  2. Approved (if awarded) to evenly distributed 2016–17 School Recognition Program (SRP) award funds to all returning employees from the school year which the SRP funds were awarded. SRP amount per qualifying employee will be minus the employer’s Social Security and Medicare match.
    Moved Vermont/Second Kaplan Approved 4/0

Policies and Procedures Changes: Stipend Policy: none

Committee reports:

PTO fundraising: Pirate Reggae Fall Festival will be held on Sunday, October 29, 2017 from 2–4 pm

Public Input Time:

Next Meeting will be held in February 2018