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Board Minutes 6/13/2017

Note: This meeting also serves as SACS meeting. This meeting includes election of officers

Minutes:   Approved Minutes from Previous Meeting Dated: 5/25/17

Moved Kaplan/Second Vermont 4/0

Financial Report/Budget:  Presentation of Monthly Budget to Actual reports.

  1. Revise and amend budget to reflect latest actual budget amounts
    Moved Newman/ Second Vermont Approved 4/0
  2. Approval for Proposed Budget 2017-18
    Moved Kaplan/Second Vermont Approved 4/0

School Business:

  1. Approved Bi-weekly contracts for all returning employees starting July 1, 2017
    Moved Drake/second Newman Approved 4/0
  2. Approved $1,000 pay raises for teaching/administrative staff.
    Moved Vermont/2nd Drake Approved 4/0
  3. Continued discussions Principal formulating a Teacher Classroom Management and Monitoring Plan in response to disgruntled parental complaints this year, in order to document complaints or incidences are being addressed. (Peters, Zukas, Davis) Official form to be developed by Principal for documentation. Create policy to observe and report on teacher in question. Teacher will then meet with administration to discuss best practice and requirements concerning the accusation, whether or not the concern was valid. Parents will be given copy of written response form.
  4. Notified Board of intent to possibly terminate relationship with Mutual of America and seek better retirement option for full time employees. Employees will be notified by October to terminate plan in December. Moved Drake/ 2nd Newman
  5. Notified Board members that school is seeking employee to head after school program.  Create policy to have that employee not be a teacher or parent, whenever possible.
  6. Approved 3 additional paid summer work days for Weiss(music) Davis (Drama) for maintenance, storage and curriculum maintenance. Moved Vermont 2nd Drake Approved 4/0
  7. Approved hiring bookkeeper one day per week as needed. Moved Newman/2nd Drake Approved 4/0
  8. Drake & Newman will submit Board training certificates to principal by September 2017.

Election of Officers:
President: Neil Drake (approved 4/0)
Secretary Peggy Vermont (approved 4/0)
Treasurer Arthur Newman (approved 4/0)
Members: Sander Kaplan

Policies and Procedures Changes: Stipend Policy: Administration can approve teacher stipends that fall within the Budget and do not exceed $500. Stipends can be administratively approved by a Board member and the Principal.

Committee reports

Public Input Time

Next Meeting will be held in August, 2017