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Board Minutes 10/12/2016

October 12, 2016
Note this meeting serves as a SAC meeting
In Attendance: Drake, Newman, Vermont, McShane, Kaplan, Brunny-Drake, Shahbaz, DiGiovanni, Valantis, Davis


Minutes from Previous Meeting Dated 06-06-16. Approved 6/0

Financial Report/Budget:

  1. Amended budget presented.
  2. Amended budget revised to reflect Actual budget. Approved 6/0
  3. Presented Audit: One finding requiring recurrent contracted services to be placed on payroll after designated number of employment times.( 3 times)
    Per audit finding: Move to approve Adding recurrent contracted employees to payroll after 3 services. Approved 6/0

School Business:

  1. Presented School Grade Documentation ELAA received “A” grade.
    Documentation presented designating High Performing Charter School status resulting in extension of ELAA charter for an additional 10 years ending in 2020 and reduction in ACPS monthly fees
  2. Move to approve $1,600 facility rental fee to Oak Hall School for 3 days rental for school production. Approved 6/0
  3. Reported on fees associated with new storage shed.

Policies and Procedures:

  1. Moved to adopt policy to pay teachers for one day pay for documented Professional Development in addition to 5 personal/sick days..PD must be approved by administration in advance and must be related to improved teaching. Approved 6/0
    Will be added to participants as stipend, then added to next year’s full time teaching contracts.
  2. Presented After Care procedure changes for record keeping

Board Member changes: The Board thanked Joyce Shahbaz for her service. Moved to accept her resignation. Approved 5/0
Board now consists of 5 members as allowed in Policy & Procedure changes dated 6/6/16

Committee Reports:

  1. Presented report on Pirate Reggae fundraiser. Proceeds: $1,700

Public Input Time
Next Meeting will be held in Feb 2017