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Board Minutes 6/6/2016

June 6, 2016
Note this meeting serves as a SAC meeting and Annual Board Meeting
In Board members in Attendance: Drake, Kaplan, Newman, Shahboz, Vermont


Read Minutes from Previous Meeting Dated 02-03-16 APPROVED 5/0

Financial Report/Budget:

  1. Vote on proposed budget (reflects revised proposed SBAC projections based on most current SBAC revenue sheet) Moved to approve/Kaplan, Second/Drake APPROVED 5/0

School Business:

  1. Vote on contract approvals APPROVED 5/0
  2. Raises for full time teachers, consultant, principal, raise for art & dance teachers. Moved to accept/Newman Second/Shahboz APPROVED 5/0
  3. Vote on stipend for performance duties for music holiday & end of year performance, dance (night performances attended) and drama & chorus school wide and class performances performances. $50 stipend per performance & one Drama set up.
    Moved/Newman, Second/Drake APPROVED 5/0
  4. Stipend for teachers participating in summer camp. This year: Anderson, Ingley, and Davis (Rationale: Provides PR for school & attracts outside students). Stipend will be one additional regular pay check. Moved to accept/Kaplan, Second/Shahboz APPROVED 5/0

Policies and Procedures:

Required Board Member Change
Proposal: Change number of board members from current "4 to 7 members" to 5 members
Requiring at least 3 members for quorum. This will be done by attrition of current board members. (This more accurately represents school population) Moved to adopt/Drake, Second/ Newman

Annual Board Member Election
Voted to reconstitute board with current members who agreed to continue to serve.
Kaplan Board Approved 4/0
Drake Board Approved 4/0
Newman Board Approved 4/0
Vermont Board Approved 4/0
Shahboz Board Approved 4/0

Committee Reports:
     PTO/ fundraising
New school play venue committee:
     Scot Davis
     Peggy Vermont

Public Input Time
Next Meeting will be held in Fall 2016