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Board Minutes 9/23/2015

Meeting Date: Sept. 23, 2015 

Note this meeting serves as a SAC meeting


            Read/Approve Minutes from Previous Meeting Dated 07-23-15

Financial Report/Budget:

  1. Presentation of amended budget reflecting SBAC changes
    Budget approved 6/0
  2. Retirement payment procedure with Mutual of America

School Business:

  1. Presentation of revised Policies and Procedures by p. Vermont & committee member J. Digiovanni
  2. Sectional review of policies by all Board members

Areas of change included : Discipline tracking system. Maternity leave policy and employee grievance procedures.

Vote/Approved 6/0

Board Member Changes: none

Committee Reports:

   PTO/ fundraising Report on Ice Cream Social

Presented plans for October 10th Pirate/Reggae carnival.  Invitations to board Members.

Public Input Time

Next Meeting will be held in December 2015