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Board Minutes November 13, 2013

Expressions Learning Arts Academy

Minutes for Board of Directors/SAC Meeting


Note: This meeting also serves as SACS meeting.

In attendance: Drake, Brunny,Newman, Cassie, Vaes, DiGiovanni, Watson, Kelly, Davis, Valantis, Pactrick.


Read/Approve Minutes From Previous Meeting Dated: 9/09/13

 Financial Report/Budget:  Presentation of Monthly Budget to Actual reports.

     Presentation of Budget vs Actual budget to date.

  1.  Budget Revision Request approval for Actual amounts to be reflected in budget amendment. Approved 5/0
  2. Discuss audit fixes:

Corrected and adjusted health benefits mistakes for Valantis and Davis, appropriate amount subtracted from this year’s allowance.

  1. Have engaged Sharon Brannon to prepare new required finance procedures (Dana Fields).
  2. Treasurer Art Newman stated the need to be sure to use Tax exemption on credit card purchases.


  1. Contracts to reflect actual salary allocation ($1,514 per full time teacher). Approved 5/0
  2. Reported that staff elected to designate set amounts for IRA contribution to be matched up to 3% of salary

School Business:

  1. 9 staff members will attend Conference Review approval for one teacher work day to attend State Charter School Conference for continuing ed.  Include one night stay in hotel, one meal and $25 gas stipend for teachers who drive.
  2. Added link on web site to include all new mandated information Finance & Board Meetings.  Thanks to volunteer parent Gerry Cervenka
  3. Lottery;  Board approval to hold 2 lotteries per year, One in December and one in the Spring. Approved 5/0

Board Member Changes: None

Policies and Procedures Changes: None

Committee Reports:

Gala Fundraising committee reported by C. Valantis:

Sponsorships have covered the cost of hosting the event.

Have obtained major donations of food and entertainment.

Public Input Time

Set next meeting time Feb. 28, 2014